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Welcome to Global Immersions!

Founded in 2000, Global Immersions, specializes in Boston Homestay living for individuals and customized Group Homestay Programs.

Homestay Experience Gallery

Digi R., hosted for Guadeloupe and Chiba groups!  She and her husband kept their students busy.  Ice skating, a big American breakfast out, a tour of Boston and a special St. Patrick's day celebration complete with a trip to the parade and Irish dinner!Nadeesha K. and family, new hosts, enjoyed their time and many activities with their Tsuchiura high school students.  They went out for pizza, shopping and to the Lego store at Assembly Row, and had a fun karaoke night just to name a few! Congrats NadeeshCheeky M. and her husband hosted multiple groups in March!  She and the Gifu students cooked a Japanese meal together.  Cheeky and the Chiba students embraced the Irish spirit going to the St Patrick's Day parade and enjoyed shopping! Congrats Cheeky and
Donna E. and family hosted multiple groups in March!  The family hosted a party for their Guadeloupe students and their classmates. Together with the Gifu Japanese students they took them shopping, sightseeing and more! Congrats Donna E. and family!Audrey M. and family hosted for the Guadeloupe, Gifu and Chiba Japanese high school groups!  They enjoyed time sightseeing, spending time at home, shopping, and going to the grocery store. Congrats Audrey and family!Dieula A., hosted for the Chiba Japanese high school group.  She and her two students enjoyed a day at the movies, lunch out, a visit to Costco and shopping at the mall where they tried out a virtual reality game! Congrats Dieula!
Dawne B. and her husband, new hosts, hosted for the Tsuchiura Japanese high school group.  They enjoyed a day of shopping at the mall, including the Godiva store, attended a church event, and time together at home. Congrats Dawne and family!The Winner of our December Photo Contest is Mary H! Mary H.and her family took their Danish Silkeborg visitors on a Vermont trip, went to a bird sanctuary, had some fun on Halloween, and celebrated two visitor birthdays with family!The Second Place Winner of our December Photo Contest is Donna E! Donna E. and family had a great time on Thanksgiving celebrating with their Danish Silkeborg visitors, family and friends -- enjoying food and playing games! Congrats Donna and family!
Francisca R-P tied for Third Place in our December Photo Contest. Francisca made a great collage of her Danish Silkeborg visitors enjoying Halloween in costume!  Congratulations, Francisca and family!The other Third Place Winner in our December Photo Contest is Jenny G! Jenny G. and family enjoyed a dinner cooked by their BU-CELOP visitors from Japan and Korea and also Thanksgiving with their whole family!  Congratulations, Jenny and family!The Winners of our November Photo Contest are Maria B. and Joshua J. Here they are carving pumpkins together with their Danish Silkeborg visitors!  Congrats Maria and family!

As Boston’s leading and trusted Homestay company, we are Boston's Homestay Specialists!  We arrange safe, comfortable, home-based accommodation that gives visitors the opportunity to interact with American individuals and families.   Our multilingual experienced team of specialists offer quality services for visitors to Boston.

Global Immersions' customized Group Homestay Programs are designed for a total English immersion experience.  We work closely with the client to arrange and design the best possible program for their group's needs. 

Today, we serve 1,000 plus individuals annually from more than 50 countries. Our programs provide our clients with the skills and intercultural competency necessary for future success in the global community.

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