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欢迎来到Global Immersions!

成立于2000年的Global Immersions,专门从事波士顿寄宿居住,为外国行政机构或青年职业人士定制英语培训计划,并且为国际学生提供大学合作课程。

Photo Gallery

Congratulations Rachel W. and family! Rachel and family along with their Japanese Iwate visitor enjoying the Boston Children's Museum!Congratulations Pauline P. and family! Pauline had a great time with her Taiwanese TALK and Korean CATS visitors shopping at B.J.'s, sightseeing in Boston and an enjoying a family BBQ in the backyard!Congratulations to Shirley S. and family! The family took their Sakae Japanese visitor and dog kayaking on the Charles River and also enjoyed a lobster dinner!
Lisa B. and family, our first place photo contest winners this month! Lisa is a new host and she and her family took their Wuhan Chinese visitors to the beach, SoWa market and more during their stay! Congratulations Lisa!Patricia C. took her Japanese Takatsuki visitors to Costco during their visit to experience super sized shopping U.S. style! Congratulations, Patricia!Josephine L. is our second place photo contest winner this month! Her daughters took their Wuhan Chinese visitors to a Red Sox baseball game! Congratulations, Josephine and family!
Congratulations to our June CATS Photo Contest winner Donna E.! Here she is enjoying CATS graduation and family time with her family and visitor.Our June Photo Contest winner Dieula A. and her visitor enjoying shopping, family time, and dinner around Boston! Congratulations Dieula!Congratulations to Pauline P. for winning our May CATS photo contest!
Our May photo contest winner: Rosangela V. enjoying St. Patrick's Day with her Japanese Kikuzato group visitors and her pet dog. Congratulations!Our first place winner in the April photo contest: Laverne R. and family spending time with Japanese students and a trip to Salem, MA! Congrats Laverne!Our second place winner in the April photo contest: Pearline J. and her Japanese students touring a Boston firehouse and trying on fire fighting gear! Congrats Pearline!


Global Immersions的定制英语学习计划使您面向全球化。这是为提供全英语环境定制的课程。我们的大学合作课程为每一位参与者提供了学术和生活的全方位经历。我们的一对一多文化商务语言培训是为在美国工作的国际人士或与美国合作的人士定制的。